Dr. Marjorie Fuller

Dr. Marjorie Fuller is currently the director of The WVU Center for Black Culture and Research. She is a twenty-five-year professional in the areas of Diversity and Pan African Studies, and prior to coming to West Virginia University, she was a professor in the Department of Pan African Studies at Kent State University. Her specialties are the development of retention initiatives for students of color and other underrepresented groups, research tours that focus on unique aspects of the African American experience, and presenting on topics that focus on culture, race, and ethnicity. Ms. Fuller sits the executive board of the National Association of Black Culture Centers, and is a past national representative of BMcPIE, Black and Multicultural Professionals in International Education (a sic of NAFSA). She is also a member of other national organizations such as NAWE, National Association of Women Educators, and AABHE, American Association of Blacks in Higher Education, where she has presented as well. She is currently completing her dissertation for her doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration and Leadership Studies.

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