Umbreen Bhatti

Umbreen Bhatti works at the intersections of law, media and design, providing human-centered design coaching and advice on strategy to initiatives and institutions keen on ensuring their work addresses real human needs and truly helps the people they serve. Umbreen fell in love with design while she was a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford, where she used it to create a tool to help local TV journalists identify and tell underreported stories about people’s experiences with our legal system. Prior to coming to Stanford, Umbreen was the co-founder of a project that demystified Islamic law for news audiences. Previously, she practiced as a civil rights lawyer at the ACLU of Delaware and the Disability Rights Legal Center. Umbreen serves as a member of the advisory boards to two publications that bring important, critical voices to complex topics: Religion Dispatches and HRDCVR.

She also produces and hosts Kaleidoscope, a podcast that explores how people engage with Islam today. You can find her on Twitter @ub14.